Was it 2 days, or three?

March 9, 2009

I’m a change-a-holic usually, in fact it’s been the running joke since not long after my rez day. I remember my friend Sioux poking that she felt she was walking the red carpet with me, oh no not because I’m uber-glamourous, but because of all the ‘outfit changes’.

Well I don’t know what’s happened these past few days, but more or less I’ve been hooked on a few different versions of this outfit. All along, my jeans, shoes and hair have changed but my jewelry and my tops have stayed the same.

There’s something to be said for great alpha-layer clothing. I know prim-clothing is all the rage, sculpties being the darlingest of all ‘au current’ designers out there. I am in love with anything fully prim because it allows for a ridiculous amount of layers to be worn, and the combinations can be fun. Well, this is all true & fine, but when alphas are done right, as Tres Blah has done here, I think it proves the point that nothing can fully replace the original. I love eeet!

My necklace is a special love of mine, a little vintage saw from Deco that I’ve been meaning to post since around Halloween (yes, *gulp*). I love it so much. <33 I feel terrible that this happens, but it does, a lot. I have so many little things I love that I don’t get around to posting until forever later. Bear with me, being ‘a good shopper’ means there is always a traffic-jam of things I want to share with you!! xD

I also wanted to mention my hair, it’s from Little Heaven. I have been a fan since I first met one of my best friends here, Faiye. She took me there, and like any wide-eyed noob I was entranced with the gorey, bloody (I was looking for blood soaked clothing, a secret side haha), sexy, beautiful clothing there. (imho, I liked the old build better, does this make me ‘traditional’?) This was one of the first hairs I got and I have never blogged it before. I think it goes to show you that newness is a wonderful thing here in SL, but wearing something well (especially if the item is well made in itself), never goes out of style.

xoxo, Abs

ps. Setting is my home. I am still decorating. Thank you to the always beautiful Olivia for dropping me a copy of the lost skybox I have been all emo about missing. ilu! <3


Hair: “Vivienne” in Ash by Little Heaven (I like the little eyeball, mini ponytail attachment. haha.)
Skin: “Lia” in Este (tone) Rosa (makeup) by Imagen
Shirt: ‘Plain & Tidy Cami’ in White by Tres Blah
Sweater: ‘Inspired Shark Cardigan’ in Pink by Tres Blah
Jeans: “Pull up to the bumber” in Dark by &Bean (god I love these + the high waist comes with a SHIRT layer, which is so helpful & smart, ahhh yey!)
Shoes: ‘Porn Star Hi-Tops’ by UBU Urban Bomb Unit
Gloves: ‘Stub Finger Gloves’ in White by DoMoCo
Necklace: ‘Vintage Saw Necklace’ by Deco
Ring #1: “Dia De Los Muertos Disco Ring” by Shade Throne (not for sale)
Ring #2: “Skull Ring” by Baker’s
Poses by Penny Dreadful Arcade!

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