Morning, Evening.

March 6, 2009

I’ve been loving these PJ’s since Valentine’s Day and never got around to posting them until now. Let’s see, it may be the relaxed comfort, or the sexy one button top…but really I think it’s the little, pink, lacy undies that peek over the top of the PJ bottoms that really take the cake for me. Adorable.

Also on the look is my favorite LurveBite lucky chair cereal bowl, Scribble’s luck chair chocolate truffles and MiaSnow’s Toast tattoo. (Coolest tat ever, btw.)

Why the funny foods? Well, I should be eating the cereal…but I’d rather wear it and eat the chocolate. Says a lot, yes? xoxo, Abs


Skin: “Melinda” in 2k by Mayden Couture
Hair: “Orie” in Dark Chocolate by Zero Style
Eyes: “Summer Storm” by Poetic Eyes
Outfit: “Cotton Pajamas” by Kao
Tattoo: “Toast” by MiaSnow
Food: “Cereal Bowl” by LurveBite & “Dark Chocolate Truffle” by Scribble (both are LC items :)
Pose: Snooky’s (freebie)
BG: Miss December Larkham’s beautiful home. <3

2 Responses to “Morning, Evening.”

  1. Burke BEnoir Says:

    do you have the slurl to the pajamas? they are adorable!

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Oh hi BEnoir, I thought I replied, but eeks, I did not I guess…? *scratches head* Well this is late (sorry!) but here is the slurl —>

    :) <33

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