Happy Little Run-ins

March 6, 2009

 klose too u

Ok, more ‘object love’ as I am now calling my everyday reports of what’s on my <3 radar. I visited Happy Dispatch (love the name) today and found a host of cute/cool shops with things that make you go lust. I’m loving the Crab’s Claw necklace from Vivico, which is a totally cool way to ‘bling yourself out’ without really going there. And 2g is a shop which is new to me, but one that I will return to again and again. If their current, abet limited, selection is an indication of what’s to come, I think we’re all in for some fantastic items. Their glasses are my favorite, new ‘geek sculpts’ of the highest quality. They come in black and a black-to-clear fade which I’m wearing. Lovely if you ask me. I’m also sitting in their cool chair. I have a lil collection of cool chairs and I’m happy to add this one to it. Also on offering are 4 t-shirts and I like this one with the girl graphic on it. Yums.

On my hand’s are my faithful Baker’s Skull ring, Boon’s old valentine group gift knuckle ring and Flatline’s hospital bracelet. I have Olivia and Fran to thank for the last two, <3 yoos. If you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for chunky statement rings and weird accessories in general and I love the quirk these accessories add. Lamb’s new Cherry hair is a hit, vintage-y updo-ness with a color change bow. (Not to be confused with, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” ;P) When I was 7, my friend had a much older sister who’s hair turned silver when she was very young. Ever since I’ve been smitten with the look of a young face and silver hair, thus my inspiration here. I also find Lamb’s Carrot Cake ‘snack pack’ a delectable choice in colors, yummy auburn/oranges that are unique, yet go with most anything, imho.

To wrap it all up, Oyakin’s ‘knit socks’ which are soo comfy/pretty. Nil first brought this store to my attention and it’s worthy enough to note over and over. All the pieces are beautiful, layer-able, feminine and the prices are so /me-slaps-forehead reasonable. I pulled out Periquita’s ‘Funny Girl Flats’ and blew the dust off them. I love how the red matches the chair and am always pleased with their excellent shape and quality. A ‘classic’ for sure. xo, Abs


what I wear when you're not around


Hair: “Cherry” in Granny by Lamb
Skin: “Petal” in Lovely- Vintage Rose 1 by Curio
Eyes: “Hot Mocca” by Poetic Eyes
Glasses: “C110H” by 2g
Shirt: “Short Sleeve Tee Face02” by 2g
Earrings: “600 Members Group Gift” by Sanu (yay!)
Ring: “Skull Ring” by Baker’s
Knuckle Ring: “VT free gift 3fingers ring” by booN (old group gift)
Necklace: “crab’s claws” by *Vivico*
Bracelet: “Hospital Bracelet” by FlatLined
Socks: “Knit Sox” in Purple by oyakin
Shoes: “Funny Girl Flats” in Red by Periquita
Chair: “CH01R” by 2g

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