February 18, 2009

 Postcard from Second Life.

I’ve been wanting to post about my friend Dice Beattie’s two sweet clothing lines for a while now and finally have the chance to do it today. I like Dice’s funky designs and bright, fresh colors. He has two lines he works on, one more casual and the other more high fashion. Roll the Dice is Dice’s more casual wear line, think tees with cheeky lettering and jeans you can throw on and wear with anything. Beats by Dice Beattie is his more high fashion line, with dresses and gowns, in his trademark bright solids and patterns. Check them both out as you’re sure to find something awesome to satisfy your sweet tooth. I am off to pack!! xoxoxo

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.


All clothing by Dice Beattie.
Hair by Le Lutka.
Shoes by GiGi Shoes.
Legwarmers by Action.
Ring by Nonko/i-Candy.
Earrings by Fabulous.
Nails by Love Magic.
Skin by MinaJunk.

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