Popcorn! Peanuts! Refreshments!

February 12, 2009

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Popcorn! Peanuts! Refreshments! | 6


What can I say? I was in a pretty, odd, colorful mood and this look emerged. I had a lot more written about it earlier, but deleted it all in favor of savory simplicity. Lamb’s hair came via the group and since slipping it on yesterday, I’ve yet to take it off. While happily shopping at the Alberto sim with December, I ran into one of Fall Into Decay’s locations and remembered I had their new dresses in my closet. FID is one of my favorite little dress shops, which is odd seeing as I have not posted about them yet. Such is me, it takes a while to post what I adore sometimes, simply because it is there and always around so I tend to overlook it. Not anymore. If you have not been to FID, you are in for a treat: simple, beautiful dresses with loved & worn textures and a ‘vintage/fresh’ cut. They are very versatile and wearable. I ran over to MiaSnow as I had been planning for the past few days, excited to check out her new releases. I love the clown skin because I usually cannot stand clowns. But her version is so pretty and weird that I needed to build around it. Some oddball accessories, mismatched shoes and the requisite rainbow accessories completed the look. And I even remembered the cotton candy! xoxo


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Hair: “Breeze” in Chewed Bubble Gum by Lamb

Skin: “Lolli” in 7 Clown by MiaSnow

Eyes: “Night Rain” by Poetic Eyes

Heart: (part of) “Magdalena gown” in Sin Black by Nomine 

Dress: “B02 Black” by Fall Into Decay

Tights: “Tights D2” in Rainbow Torn by Sheer

Shoes: “Bunneh Slipper” by Sanu / 

Cotton Candy: free @ Riddle & Cioccolata

Ring: “Keyboard 4 Finger Ring” by i-Candy

Gloves: “Low Black Gloves” by Akami

Bracelets: “Harajuku Girls” in Blue by Violet Voltaire (only @ Sugar Mill location)

Tiara: “Harajuku Girls” in by Violet Voltaire

Armband: “Duckmilk” by Ducknipple (freebie.)

Mouth Food: “Super Toast” by LurveBite

Painting: “The Zombie Kids” by Akami

Poses: Torrid Wear, Hiccup

5 Responses to “Popcorn! Peanuts! Refreshments!”

  1. Anemysk Says:

    /me rotfl :P
    This is so funny it made me cry :P I love your shoes :P

  2. MiaSnow Says:

    cool post abra :) ty for trying the skin^^ and i agree, i don’t usually like clowns either :) but i’ve had so many requests i thought i’d try and make it something that wouldn’t creep me out too bad :) <3 xoxox

  3. nilgiha Says:

    abraaaaaaaaaaa..loved this look <3..in case you havent seen my answer to your question about the artwork: ı dunno the artist but the work is hung on the walls of furniture store CORN

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Anemysk <333 hehehe, yay!!! I’m glad you laughed =D I was hoping to be a ‘funny clown’ yey yey!!

    Mia, hai!! Ohhh you did a fantastic job on these, so cute and pretty with a sprinkle of odd/creepy on top. The perfect combination <33

    Nil, aww tyty doll!! Oh thank you for the artwork link, I have not been there in a while! yay, I love Corn. ur the bestest =D

  5. […] But I suppose I have made an exception, because I really love these skins! Earlier in the week I made a look out of one of the Clown makeups and mentioned my fear of them in the post. MiaSnow responded that […]

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