January 28, 2009

 Nerdwerst | 4

Nerdwerst | 5


Hahaha…nerdwerst…mmmhmm. It’s what my brother and I call each other when we’re being the ultimate in uncool. It’s actually a compliment, since we all know that to be cool you gotta rock the uncool factor. This outfit has some uncool aspects to it: the thrift store glasses, the ‘classic’ jacket, the fire crotchety hair. I think that’s why I love it. I built this look around the awesome spats I’m wearing. They’re made by my friend December, of Tarnished fame, and I’m totally smitten with them! For me, anything that gives me an excuse to wear legwarmers is automatically on my lust list. Lucky for me, the warmers are built in on this one! Wooo…!!! You can take these shoes in many different directions, and even loose the warmers if you care to (they have a mary jane buckle ankle strap underneath), and they’d be equally cute and interesting paired with a skirt or dress, etc. 

I really love Zero Style hair and I’ve been waiting a while to wear this CSR prize style. When I first saw the hair I thought it would have been easiest for me to take it in a super cute direction and I had to resist. I thought this nerdy look would be a fun way to wear it and I love this ‘Auburn’ color which is rich and warm and nummy. The coat is from Total Betty, from the ‘College Bound’ collection, which is made of neutral colored, classic, staple pieces and all of it is really versatile and charming. I really like the collection and picked up a skirt (not pictured) along with the jacket which I’ll hopefully wear in a future post. (They have been, like most good items, sitting in the depths of my ‘closet’ patiently waiting for their day in the sun. Hopefully soon.) 

The scarf is from Kristen Pick’s Alta Moda store which was one of the first stores I wrote about here, “way back when.” She’s now expanded and her place is in Bijou’s old store location. I’m really excited to see what she brings out as I really enjoy her line. Just check out the fantastic Beyonce Diva shades she whipped up for Uma! I like this scarf, “Ignition”, because it’s shorter and therefore can act as a collar. The TB coat doesn’t have a prim collar so this scarf acts as a good ‘finish.’ The pants are a stand by, Armidi’s skinny pant. I will always have love for them and they do what a good pant should do: come in a ton of colors, they work well with the statement pieces and they make your bum look good. 

My bag is by =E.M.A= and I’ve had it tucked away for a while. I knew I had a good bag which referenced a classic school messenger! The bag is done really well and the attention to detail is great. I wanted to point out the rings I’m wearing. The first is Georgiabean Lately’s Ladybug ring which I have a special fondness for. I just think ladybugs are adorable plus they are considered lucky, which couldn’t hurt. ;)) The bow ring is from Demonade and I stumbled across the store in a random sim. I’d been after a good sculpty bow ring for a while and I was excited to find them in a ton of colors.The ring comes with a version for the left and right hands so you don’t need to adjust them yourself, a nice touch since most of my rings fit on the left hand and I like to pile on accessories. Oh and the Mom glasses from Yummy! What can I say? I love them. They sort of remind me of my grandma, who has light lavender ones that look exactly like these. For me there are only 4 types of glasses: HUGE, dorky, aviator and statement-weird. These are both huge and weird and I love the curve of the ‘arms.’

If you read this today, I urge you to run down to Cybernetic and pick up the free ‘Amy’ skin in the front of the women’s skin section. It was only suppose to be up for a day but it’s still there and it’s sooo pretty!! I hadn’t been to Cybernetic for a long time and after seeing the news of a freebie on the feed, popped on by. My has it changed!! When I was still a ‘noob’ I came across Cybernetic, which back then was very sci-fi looking, and picked up my first goth skin. Times have changed, as the sim is now ultra-luxe and the skins are decidedly softer and subtler. Usually I’m not the biggest fan of freebie skins, though occasionally I’ll come across a fantastic one. The “Amy” line certainly is that. I love the juicy lips with their dusting of sparkle, the small- yet not button- nose and the interesting eye makeups. The makeup I’m wearing is not the freebie one, but you can see it in this post. If you like it, and I’m most certain you will, I’d pop on by the store asap because there’s no telling how long it will be available. xoxo


Nerdwerst | 7

Nerdwerst | 1

Nerdwerst | 6

Nerdwerst | 3

Nerdwerst | 2


Hair: “CSR’s Hair01” in Auburn by Zero Style

Skin: “Amy” in Milk 9 by Cybernetic

Eyes: “Night Rain” by Poetic Color

Lashes: “photoshoot” by LeLutka

Glasses: “Mom” by (yummy)

Jacket: “College Bound” in Rusty by Total Betty

Scarf: “Ignition” in Moss by Alta Moda

Earrings: “Gemstone Scroll” by paper.couture

Ring #1: “Ladybug Cocktail” by Georgiabean Lately

Ring #2: “Tea Party with my Corpse” in Sigh by Demonade

Gloves: “V gloves” in Gold by Vette’s Boutique

Pants: “Kogo Skinny” in Indian Red by Armidi Limited

Socks: “yellow” by Kurotsubaki (part of color socks pack)

Shoes: “Cherry Tap Shoes” by !Tarnished

Bag by =E.M.A=

5 Responses to “Nerdwerst”

  1. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    Ohhh I might have to get that skin, looks so cute on you!.and I’m loving the red head moment with this particular outfit. cute cute. muahs <3

  2. Thalia Jie Says:

    This is just so pretty … beautiful color choices here. More please!

  3. Munky Says:

    omgod! i love this look! verry cuute! loove the jacket, never heard of the store!
    im soo gonna get me 1 of those mom sunnies! :D their soo vintagey :D lol
    its such a cute,cozy look! :D

    i think this is my first comment on ur blog?

    hiii..i imed u inworld, in december, in the starlust motel place. :D

  4. Ana Lutetia Says:

    love the look! (wish I could find E.M.A. in-world)

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Uma <33 Thank you so much, most def a red headed moment and it was fun!! Haha, maybe I will go red as you have gone mohawks? Fun fun!! _< It’s thoughts like this that make blogging so fun and worth it. <33

    Munky!! Hai, haha yes I remember you! Thanks so much for reading. I feel very ‘warm’ in this look, yes it’s very cozy hehehe…keeps me warm this winter! Hope you are well. :D <33

    Ana, thanks luv! I’ve been away the past 4 days, have you found the store? I’ll drop you a lm in world. <33

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