Tokyo via Paris

January 22, 2009

 Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.


I really fell in love with Sweetaholic’s kimonos after my friend December took me to their store. “You have to see this place!” she said, and the girl doesn’t lie. Sweetaholic’s are some of the prettiest kimonos I’ve seen in SL. Very, very well done. They are dramatic, the textures are rich and eye catching, the colors vibrant and the designs have subtle little twists that add interest. For the men out there, there are many cool designs as well. I was having trouble deciding what I wanted, since the answer was ‘all’ (don’t I wish), until this punk inspired plaid version caught my eye. I was drawn to how different it is, how it twists traditional into something newer and edgy and maybe even a little bizarre.

Instead of wearing a traditional kimono ‘do, which imho would trump the whole punk ideal, I decided to wear Lamb’s new group gift. !lamb is a new hair store which is making big news for it’s cute designs that come with a hat attached. Everyone who has tried to wear a hat in SL knows that it can be a real pain to fit, and it’s just easier to buy hairs with a hat attached. (or is it vice versa?) Well these, you will like, I am sure of it. I think that this hair is so cute it may even win over those that don’t like berets (the way the 69 CSR hair did). Although the beret is not made to be taken off (the hair is mod, fyi) you could always add another in it’s place, if you like.

The skin is AOHARU and I mention it because it was actually one of the first ‘nice’ skins I bought in SL. Since fashion here evolves by the minute, I think this speaks a lot that it’s still one I really adore. It’s the double black/red eyeliner and the soft, glossy transparent-red lips. In RL I’m not at all a lipstick girl, but prefer a good lip stain topped with lipbalm in it’s place. This makeup looks exactly like it and maybe that’s why I’m so fond of it.

I was compelled to add a little cuteness, to keep the look light hearted. The panda theme comes by coincidence, two cute new releases: Pink Fuel’s Pandas and Sanu’s Sushi Love sets. I really love pandas, and even considered getting a panda-hybrid skin although everyone tells me they’re weird. (You’re wrong, btw. Totes cute!) I knew that they would be just the touch to add kiddish interest and I love how Pink Fuel’s Pandas come with tons of different attachment points, as the leg is less common than a shoulder pet. (btw Mochi, I think a Koala bear leg pet would be a fantastic idea, :) just so you know. /me wants one!! ;p)

The J’s boots have been on my mind for a while. Yes, they are not new but they caught my eye the second they were out and I’ve been waiting patiently to wear them in an outfit. I have a thing for thigh-high boots and although they can be completely trashy if done wrong, I think when done right they are cool and add interest to an outfit. I don’t know if I’d wear them IRL, that just might be a little too much, but they are fun here. Some things just cannot be translated into pixels, and others should not be translated out of them. ;) I hope you like this look and thanks for reading. xoxo


 Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.



Hair: “Bonjour Operator” in Resturant Ketchup by !lamb (current group gift)

Skin: “Plum Red” by AOHARU

Eyes: “Dunes” by Poetic Color

Earrings: “WLB Reflecting Diamond earrings bling off-on” by Beauty Avatar (thank goodness the bling turns off, ffs)

Ring: “Times Square” in Diamond by paper.couture (from Times Square ring set)

Nails: “Black” by J’s (in store freebie, by the other nails)

Kimono: “Kokou#CK” by Sweetaholic

Leggings: “Dotline Tights” in Black by ::humming::

Boots: “Side Lace-up Thigh High boots” by J’s

Leg Panda from Pink Fuel (part of set)

Panda Sushi from Sanu (from random vendor)

5 Responses to “Tokyo via Paris”

  1. mochimilena Says:

    That kimono is gorgeous! Ooohhh and a koala! Good idea never thought about that :D

  2. Sweetaholic is a Kimono fever dream. Lovely styling Abra. The beret is purrfect! ^:^

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Mochi, thank you! I have a thing for kimonos and this one is so cool and different. And oohh, I will be so happy if you someday do Koalas…I will get some bamboo tights to go alongside. ;)) <33

    Grady, thanks so much! I was so lucky the !lamb hair came out right as I was getting a look built around the kimono. I love when that happens. =D <33

  4. The tartan on the kimono really lends itself to Punk and you played it up perfectly!! I think we need another picnic with sushi and sake this time <333

  5. This is a really great look! Love the way you put it all together!

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