Champagne and Vinyl

January 17, 2009

 Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.


Hai. It’s been a bit, I know, it’s like I’ve been overloaded with ideas and it’s caused my brain to traffic jam a little. That and the fact that Esme, James and Francois have been bad influences, leading me to do terrible things like party and have fun. Buh. The nerve! ;p IRL I have a big affection for mixing vintage with new. One RL friend called my style “champagne and vinyl” with a little toasting gesture as he said it. I had his comment in mind as I thew together this look: a little luxe, a little old, totally fabulous. The fun part about this look is that with all the pieces I have something in RL that is very similar. In fact, this may just be my favorite look to date. If I had, and could, choose. I’m a big lover of prints with a washed and worn color scheme to them; I shy from many prints but never these. Many times IRL, I’ve gotten a dress with a bit too bright of a print and tinted it with tea (it really works!) to tone it down a bit. You have to be careful that the thread dyes too, but it’s a fun technique if you prefer softer colors. This dress perfectly encompasses this idea. I also have the most fantastic chartreuse feather headband from the 40’s, and after seeing this one I knew it must be mine. I love the color and feather mix, it’s so aesthetically perfect to me. So are the peacock earrings. I love peacock feathers IRL and wear my non-pixelated earrings often. (This summer I was able to feed my uncles ‘pet peacock’ that lives in the hills amongst his avocado trees in California. Yay!) Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, the color and the marbling are very pleasing to my eyes as well as the earthly quality it brings to my style. I collect old southwestern turquoise jewelry IRL and seeing Swallowtails made me wish for it to be summer so I could pile it on with a sleeveless top and take a long walk outside. I want to thank Jennifer Hana from SculptMix for this fantastic shoulder bag. Jennifer’s store is, bar-none, my favorite furniture store in SL. Chances are, if you know me and have mentioned furniture, I’ve given you this LM. Usually I wouldn’t go to such extremes to describe a place I shop at, but I have to say, everything she makes I love and I own quite a bit of it too. If you’re looking for soft, glowing, sexy, relaxed, glamours furniture, be sure to check her stuff out. The handbags aren’t for sale, yet, but *crosses my fingers* in the future I hope to be able to say that her things are available for sale. They are just too, too good not to be! I hope you like this look. More to come in the next day or so, I am determined to post more soon! xo

ps. I just discovered I’m the Site of the Week over at JuicyBomb! To hear such nice things about my site has totally made my day! yay! I’ve been a fan of Gogo and her sims for a long while so I’m very humbled and completely flattered by this gesture. Thank you Gogo! And welcome to all who visit via JuicyBomb! <33


Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

 Postcard from Second Life.


Hair: “Rita01c” in Pearl by AOHARU

Skin: “Lyla” in Smokey 3 Tan by Redgrave

Eyes: “hot mocca” by poetic eyes

Lashes: “photoshoot” by LeLutka (old MMS)

Headdress: “FeatherHeadpiece02” by **THECLOSET**

Earrings: “Peacock Earrings” in gold tint by +plus 

Necklace: “Uncut gems necklace” in Turquoise by Swallowtail

Bracelet: “Uncut gems bracelets” in Turquoise by Swallowtail

Ring:  “Bloom” *fuse 

Dress: “VtgRuffleDress” in Black by **THECLOSET**

Shoes: “Frenzy” in Bronze by Maitreya 

Bag: “Jennifer Gold & Black 2009” by Sculptmix

Poses: {flowey}

3 Responses to “Champagne and Vinyl”

  1. nilgiha Says:

    loved the stle abra :)) kisses

  2. Dahlia Eilde Says:

    Congratulations on Site of the Week! You deserve it soo much. And that hair is a total win on you. <3

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Nil <333 Tyty hun! *back at cha* :D

    Dahl, ohh ty! It came as quite a surprise. I was checking my referrers and that’s how it was discovered! xD And ty about the hair. I really love the color & the bangs! yay! <333

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