It just happened to make a post…

January 4, 2009


keep a cool head about yourself 


This wasn’t a planned post outfit. I’ve been enjoying it so much I thought it would post it, haha. Sometimes the best outfits happen organically. Usually when I wear something prim and proper, it turns out to be a little odd, which is how I see this outfit. It’s definitely because of the skirt and the skin. I’ve been loving Fashionably Dead’s skins for a long time, but didn’t get around to owning any until yesterday. It’s kind of weird, sometimes I’ll own something for a long while before wearing it, or I’ll learn about something and file it away until it pops back into my conscious at a most appropriate moment. I’m visiting some fam right now and I remembered about this great deli that serves the best Bánh mì. I had missed it the last time I was in town and last night we were sitting around drinking wine and the thought popped into my head. Mission time! Same with the FD skin. Perfect, lightening-striking quickness, complete randomness, or is it? Happenstance? Whatever it is, I dig it. :D xoxo

BTW, I’m wearing the fiveminutesafter flats I’ve been in love with. A while back, I posted a pic on my flickr which lead to the discovery of the main shop’s ‘closing.’ I didn’t think it possible, as rockin’ stores should never close. And of course, it was a false alarm! Thankfully, for us. hehe. The new shop is located in the Creamshop sim, next to the record shop and ice cream parlor. :))


sleep/no sleep





Hair: “Ribbon” in Natural Blond by LeLutka (old MMS)

Skin: “Light Skin in Ripe” by Fashionably Dead (part of the Beauty Pack)

Eyes: “pink ocean” by Poetic Eyes

Lashes: “Photoshoot” by LeLutka (old MMS)

Shirt: “Edward” by [CRAP] 

Necklace: “Momento Locket” by Yummy

Earrings: “Creampuff” by Sweet Decoration

Bracelet #1: “Onyx Bracelet” by Serenity Day Spa

Bracelet #2: “Gold bracelet” by  .+*aya V*+.

Ring: “Everbloom” by paper.couture

Gloves: “V Gloves” in Black by Vett’s Boutique

Skirt w/suspenders: “Kandinsky” by [CRAP] 

Tights: “sep2008 wool tights” in ARGYLE/ black0 by BP*

Shoes: “gold pumps” by fiveminutesafter

Bag: “Paddington tote” in Graphite by Truth

Mouth Accessory: “Candy Heart” by Sanu (Coming soon for Valentines!)

Head Pose: “has a head” by Little Heaven ($0L, Halloween Gift, still upstairs!)

Poses: {bingo} Black Heart, Red Heart, Red Cupcake packs

Photoshoot @ the ever creepy Little Heaven sim. How Chiko made it even creepier than the last build is beyond me!

2 Responses to “It just happened to make a post…”

  1. Another win! FD skins are so unique and they always remind me of paper couture – loves it! Aaand they work great on your shape.
    Even headless you’re still gorgeous. Now that’s fierce.


  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Dahlll <333 tyty! Yes I finally gave into the FD skins. they are like pc! the blushed cheeks…wooo, I love those too.

    btw, yer 1 fierce meme too!

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