Purple & Pink

January 2, 2009



I’m in a girly sort of mood. Blame it on Church of Luxe, what with all the cute, girly, hi-waisted dresses with puffly sleeves…I am enraptured by them. Marni Grut is on the brink of releasing these new “Slouchy Pouchy” bags over at (Royal Blue). I saw Dahlia with one and just swooned. The shape! The colors! Tell me, can a girl really have enough bags? And one more thing, Pig’s peacock stockings! They’re not new, but they’re fantastic!! I love the little feather in the back detail, a small surprise at the goodbye is always fun.

When growing up, my room was pink, purple and blue. My favorite colors back then. I’ve since branched out into bolder colors like rusty red and burnt umber and even yellow and green, but my love for the trio still remains. Here, I’ve subtracted out poor blue, but it’s ok because I’ve featured blue on it’s own before. I love this outfit. It’s a girly and a little posh. Cute, but not overly so. Not serious, but seriously easy to wear. A good way to start 2009, I think. xoxo

ps. This look can be worn a bunch of different ways, here are two to get you started. :))


a good day

 lean & sway


bag lady


Hair: “#10” in Chocolate by DP*yumyum

Skin: “Vivian” in Pale/Soft Pink by *REDGRAVE*

Eyes: “pink ocean” by Poetic Eyes

Earrings: “Pearl Earrings” by paper.couture 

Necklace: “Pearl Necklace” by paper.couture

Bracelet #1: “Quartz Bracelet” by Serenity Day Spa

Bracelet #2: “Terra Bangle” in Opal by TOSL

Ring: “Everbloom” by paper.couture

Headband: “Flower Katsusha” in Gold *chicoco*

Dress: “Jenna” in Blueberry by Church of Luxe

Jacket: “Bolero” in Gray by *COCO*

Gloves: “Half Glove” in Brown by (Royal Blue)

Socks: “Pink Knee Socks” by en Svale. (freebie)

Stockings: “#3 Peacock Tights” by Pig

Shoes: “Richelieux” by (Polina-Kaestner)

Bag: “Slouchy Pouchy” in Pinky Purple by (Royal Blue)

6 Responses to “Purple & Pink”

  1. This look is sooo cute! :)

  2. I love so many things about this look, but first and foremost – purple! It’s been my fave colour since I was about 7.

    On top of that, where do I begin…from the hair all the way down to your shoes, and of course the bag. You’ve aced it!


  3. serinajane Says:

    wow those stockings, with peacock they musst be mine!
    Thank you for sharing this look and contribuing to Timeless Agency Flickr group :)
    Happy new year to you! SJ

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Cleo <33 thank you so much!!

    Dahl, no way! Purple is your favorite color too? That makes me soo happy hehe. My mother always tells me how purple is the color of royalty. :)) And ty sooo much for the compliments, you always know how to make mah day <33

    SerinaJane, you have to get them! The peacock feather is really well done, and I just love little details like that on a ‘basic’ item. <33

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Ana <333 Thank you soo much hun! =D

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