2009 = 11 = 2 aka. numbers behind the years or the complete randomness which is personal style…

January 2, 2009

a fool for joolz


I love new years. A fresh start, if only hypothetically, makes this girl feel sooo good. Don’t mind the title, I was having a Fiona Apple moment

Initially I had three looks photographed for this post. (Somehow New Years always means changing three times or so.)  (It was also suppose to go up New Year’s day, but we got started a lil early this year so…) What happened to my glam look? Eeee…I must dig it up later, as I have seemed to have missplaced it. Am I the only one who finds this delightfully funny? hehehe. Well, on with the show…

The first look accurately portrays me after the 4 glasses of champagne, the cosmo (will always be a fav), the 3 shots of something sweet (bought by the friend who’s always trying to get me drunk in hopes I’ll make out with him) and the gin and tonic (to keep it classy) consumed over the course of New Years 2009. (Or would that be 2008?) Yeah, I’m a lightweight, but I’m also small so there. Somehow whilst intoxicated, I morph into some sort of hummingbird, attracted to all things sweet and colorful and a bit funky. And I pile it on. Bad fashion? For some, sure! But for me, I find it fantastic, especially for dancing. Just don’t loose your rings, child.


New Years


And then there is the next day…brunch after the fact. Cozy, comfy, cute. Keep warm, drink water, eat your favorite meal and use a friend’s shoulder when it turns out to be much to much to keep your head up straight. I do partake in the ‘hair of the dog’ theory by consuming the ever popular bloody mary. Just gimme it extra spicy with all the fixings (that means spicy pickled beans, those lil onions, green olives with pimento and briny asparagus spears, and no less! Don’t piss off a girl with a headache, haha.) A tip: Pile on the makeup to cure the ‘face hangover’ people. Do it well, with skill, but do it. Please, heed my advice. Normally I’m a pretty natural girl, but you know, we are living in the age of cameras…built into everything. I swear, everyone and their spork has a camera now. My friend’s grandma doesn’t even drive anymore, but she’s quite handy with her cellphone’s camera. Be prepared.

BTW, this is my new favorite skin shop. Tarnished!!! December makes the most fantastic & unique skins with the thickest, most kissable lips, ever. I am absolutely smitten! More are to come in the future and you will absolutely be seeing them here. Until then, relish in the beauty which is ‘Midnight Snowstorm’ (my absolute favorite skin OTM) and her sisters. Complete with their own character story, because December is cool like that. xoxo & Happy 2009 my loves!


the day after the night that was new years

ohhh, my head


Hair: “NMR32 hair” in chocolate by booN (free!)
Skin: “emmie” in [med/light] plum by {bazy}
Eyes: “deep blue sea” by poetic colors
Nails: “red golden stars” by ** Skin e Liciouz
Tattoos: “private chrysantemum” by GoK
Earrings: “Thunder earring” by (creamshop)
Necklace: “Garnet Nest Necklace” in Red by paper.couture
Tiara: “Harajuku Girls: Rainbow Tiara” by {Violet Voltaire}
Shirt: “Corset” by (Polina-Kaestner)
Bracelet (my L): “Tigers Eye Bracelet” by Serenity Day Spa
Bracelet (my R): “Glam bangle 1” in Hot pink by (creamshop)
Ring: “Times Square Ring” in Kyanite/Dark Blue by paper.couture
Skirt: “Highwaist Sequin skirt” by (Polina-Kaestner)
Leggings: “Footless Multi tights” in Pink/ Gold by Kookie
Shoes: “Ankle High Ballet Boots” by !Fairlight

Hair: “autumn chignon- side” in coffee by BP*
Skin: “Midnight Snowstorm” by Tarnished
Eyes: “deep blue sea” by poetic colors
Nails: “red golden stars” by ** Skin e Liciouz
Earrings: “Polished Wood Hoop” by Paper.Couture
Hood: “animal hood wolf” by *KUROTSUBAKI*
Jacket: “Trench” in Red by (Polina-Kaestner)
Corsage: “Sculpted Corsadge” in Pearl Rose by Swallowtail
Dress: “LongFeltKnitRetroOneP” by **sen*2**
Leggings: “sep2008 wool tights” in red -black polka dot by BP*
Boots: “Leather Boots: by BUKKA
Ring: “Times Square Ring” in Kyanite/Dark Blue by paper.couture

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