Bon Voyage

November 13, 2008

Bon Voyage | One

Hello all. <3 This week has proven to be busier than I had imagined. Yours truly is going to be AFK until Monday. A lil, quick, spontaneous jaunt out of town that involves cute boys and the outdoors. Yeah, the outdoors. Don’t believe all the hype that glamour girls are afraid of getting dirty. No, no, quite the contrary. We just know how to clean up better than the rest! ;)) In celebration of my travels, I present to you my no-fail, fool-proof RL travel outfit. {Zaara} read my mind with the new release of pashminas. OMG! Such a classic, beautiful, practical, perfect wardrobe staple! They are gorgeous and so realistic, exactly how one would wear it in real life, draped perfectly around one’s shoulders. *le sigh*

These boots are also something to talk about. A few weeks back, a lil bird dropped me a hit about this store, located in a cute building on an obscure sim. I came to find that there is another, more popular (and wayy busier) location elsewhere. Nevertheless, to me, the thrill is in the find. I love new stores, especially when they house ultra-cool, gorgie boots. To me, I imagine horse stables when I wear these, due in part, to the fact, that I grew up riding. The back buckle detail and the metal work in the front couldn’t be better. Loove them.

One other thing- these pants!! Pure love. The buttons, the back seam, the color. *le sigh* I saw these pants weeks ago and have since been putting together an outfit in my mind. (Yeah, it doesn’t always happen overnight people.) Victory is mine! It took ages, in fashion time, but I love what has come of them and would, and will, wear this outfit until it is (virtually) threadbare.

Have a good weekend everyone, see you next week! >_<

Smooches and cocktails, Abra ♥

Bon Voyage | Three

Bon Voyage | Two

Bon Voyage | Five

Bon Voyage | Seven

Bon Voyage | Eight

Bon Voyage | Six

Bon Voyage | Nine


Hair: ‘Pompadour’ in Blonde by *Shop Seu*

Skin: Custom by Soda Skins

Jacket: ‘Amsterdam’ jacket in Brown by Beauty Avatar

Shirt: ‘Dalini’ in Apricot by [Decoy]

Pants: ‘Sergeant pepper’ in Teal by TOSL

Scarf: ‘pashmina shawl’ in peach & cream by {Zaara}

Bag: ‘DS shoulder bag’ in Brown by [ICoN]

Ring: ‘everbloom’ by paper.couture

Earrings: ‘Marquise 1 pink’ by Beauty Avatar

Bracelet: ‘Eternity Bracelet’ in Tourmaline/Gold by {Violet Voltaire}

Boots: ‘Amazone’ by Storm Schmooz

Nails: ‘Dark purple/black’ by Swallowtail

Sunglasses: ‘Lifestyle Aviators’ in White Gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

Poses: Hiccup and *TorridWear*

4 Responses to “Bon Voyage”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I totally love this look Abra, well done, and i’m so stealing those boots ;) <3

  2. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    I love this look Abra, well done!! and I’m so stealing those boots ;) <3

  3. Lauryn Arado Says:

    Nice colors! love the mix you made here XD

  4. optiornCili Says:

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    have a look at them:
    Thank you for your site :-) xoxoxo

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