Twist of Lime

November 7, 2008

Twist of Lime | One 


There is something about the color chartreuse that makes my mouth water. I just love it. It’s vivid and energizing and I think it’s quite beautiful. In feng shui it’s a lucky color! Just take a tip from my grandma and never wear it near your face. Tones like this do funny things to one’s complexion. Worn away from the face, and wrapped around the waist in a drapey, silky fabric, chartreuse couldn’t look any better. It’s gorgeous. And the drape of this dress is something unique. I love the way it moves. The shape. The contrast. The placement of the layers and the way they angle and poof perfectly. It was love at first sight. And how does it feel on the body? Fantastic!

Another favorite of mine is the lessthanthree skin. I wear these a lot outside the blog and was happy to see it’s a good fit here. They are just so pretty, the lips are smooth, glossy and plump, the eye makeup is refreshingly unique. There’s another makeup I’m dying to build an outfit around, but until then, take a look at the lips on Pomme. I have a thing for pretty, unusual lip makeup and lessthanthree does it well. I also like the name of the store, which is a favorite type of mine “<3.” Get it? :))

Take a look at these limited edition shoes on Rayna’s blog. Aren’t they amazing? I have her to thank for reminding me about them as I had bought some eyes and sunglasses at the store a while back and picked up a demo too. It was buried away in my inventory until I saw this post. It would have killed me to have the demo and not the real thing, because after trying them on I knew that yes, they were just as amazing as their display photo. If you like the shoes you’ll have to scoop them up by Saturday because after that they’re gone forever. The heels are probably one of the prettiest and most unique designs I’ve seen on SL. Get them @ lis_noir. Thanks Rayna for the heads up! <3


ps. I know that most of you know ETD is having a sale until December, but for those who have been away in RL or locked up in a Harry Potter-ish closet…sale…BIG DISCOUNTS…under L$100….go!

pps. Love Magic Nail Salon is closing! Scoop up any nails you’ve been eyeing and pick up a free mani/pedi template to make your own. Available until the 15th, but with all closes, I wouldn’t push it out too far. :))


Twist of Lime | Three

Twist of Lime | Four

Twist of Lime | Six

Twist of Lime | Two

Twist of Lime | Five


Hair: ‘Sash’ in Coal by Deviant Kitties

Skin: unnamed pale in [nine in the afternoon] by lessthan three (<3)

Gown: ‘Haute Couture Monaco’ by NM [Nuno&Marjacobs]

Earrings: ‘bbb earring diamonds’ by Beauty Avatar

Shoes: ‘real toe ankle belt sandals’ by J’s

Bracelet: (worn as armband) ‘onyx’ by Serenity Day Spa

Ring: ‘everbloom’ by paper.couture

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