Practical Girls

November 4, 2008

Practical Girls | Seven

Practical Girls | Four 


…know how to dress cute and keep warm.

…keep a good balance between sexy and cute and never look prudish or slutty.

…love a good pair of shoes that you can actually walk in.

…get their beauty rest.

…keep the makeup natural.

…explore bright colors with optimistic enthusiasm. 



Practical Girls | Two 

Practical Girls | Nine

Practical Girls | Six

Practical Girls | Three

Practical Girls | Eight

Practical Girls | Five
Practical Girls | One



Skin: ‘Sakura’ in Light Natural by Redgrave

Hair: ‘Rihanna’ in Dark Brown by [Aden]

Dress: ‘Omaha’ dress by Beauty Avatar

Sweater: ‘Knit Jacket’ in Dark Gray by Ce Cubic Effect

Leggings: ‘Argyle’ tights in Purple1 by BP*

Shoes: ‘Stella’ pumps in Extra Pink by =DeLa*=

Bracelets: ‘BH Bracelets’ by *UnTone*

Scarf: ‘Mraz’ scarf in Raspberry by [Decoy]

Nails: ‘Dark Purple/Black’ by Swallowtail


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