Raspberry Peacock

November 3, 2008

Raspberry Peaock 

This post is all about the dress. (Ok and the jewels too!!) I love this dress. I love the new collection! We can always use another post on it. It’s pure lovely goodness. That is all. xoxo

ps. Did you hear that Sweetest Goodbye is having a 30% rez day sale until midnight? Oh yes!


Skin: ‘Ganesha in Quartz’ by [the oBscene]

Hair: ‘Sakura curly bob’ in blonde by Redgrave

Dress: ‘Lush’ by paper.couture

Jewelry: ‘Faceted Parrot Stone’ set by paper.couture

2 Responses to “Raspberry Peacock”

  1. […] Once upon a time, there were a sisters Lu whose whimsical wears spread far beyond the reaches of the Kingdom of Tableau as heralded by two scribes, Dahlia and Nicolas, and their talented peers. […]

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    I also love the way you wear this Dahl <3 10,000 ways, a good dress can be worn…

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