Ballet Rock Scene

October 27, 2008

10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene

A little bit rock, with some ballet inspiration. The pink ruched top and leggings add a bit femininity to an otherwise tough outfit. The boots are a bit ballet inspired as well, their tops lending an almost legwarmer look to the leg.- now everyone is talking about these boots, and the coolest thing about them is you’re able to wear them 1001 ways. Tougher, as I’ve done, posh, ultra-modern, girly- you’re limited only by your imagination.

I’m really enjoying the skins from Skin e liciouz as of late. Famous for their black eye skin (which I adore), I finally took the plunge with notice of their 30% off sale. I love the lips of the Mila skin. Plump, matte and youthful. The makeup is the perfect balance of softness to contrast the tougher look of the jacket. The hair is a group gift for Seven Ultra Lounge’s VIPs. I also posted about it over at free*style. I love it that much! It’s from George Street, who I’ve known about for a while. They’re right by La Syphilide, and I’d stopped by before. They’re a real small shop as of now, only 4 hair styles in total. But all are lovely, unique and extremely well made. You’ll be seeing more styles on here soon- my wish is to see more make their way onto the seen asap.

Also wanted to mention the bangle-cum-armband, it’s from one of my favorite places to get plain, well made nails- Serenity Day Spa. I have a thing about having my nails done, and as you’d imagine I have been many places for nails. Something about Serenity keeps me coming back. For one, I love the design of the shop- instant calm on arrival. It really is a spa! You can go and get a massage, which I think is a cute touch. The building is gorgeous, full of bright light and warm woods. And the selection of products is quite nice. I saw the bangles and the price was right- L$50- so I scooped up all my favorite colors. I was happy when I noticed I could slip them up my arm- perfect fit! My petite shape means bangles look best when worn above my wrist. They are simple enough to wear all the time, yet their spiral shape adds a bit of interest, which is why I turn to them time and time again.


10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene

10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene

10.27.08 | Ballet Rock Scene


Hair: ‘Obstacle 2’ in Raven by George Street

Skin: ‘Mila natural light 2’ by Skin e liciouz

Jacket: ‘Lady Minx’ Jacket in black by Mimikri

Shirt: ‘Dalini’ in Apricot by Decoy

Leggings: ‘Roma leggings’ in black by Mimikri

Belt: ‘Au Di Leather belt’ in gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

Boots: ‘Soho Boots’ in Black Suede by Maitreya

Glasses: ‘Lifestyle Aviators’ in White Gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

Bracelet: ‘Rose Quartz Bracelet’ by Serenity Day Spa

Gloves: ‘V Gloves’ in black by Vett’s Boutique

Bag: ‘Focsani’ bag in gold by [Armidi Gisaci]

4 Responses to “Ballet Rock Scene”

  1. James Schwarz Says:

    This ROCKS, that jacket is amazing.

    I like the entire look all in all.

  2. Grady Echegaray Says:

    Rock on! Love the look. Those boots and belt are fierce.

  3. I’m with James…that jacket is badass.

    Also, your minimal pink accenting was just perfect to ensure the outfit keeps its edge. You could do an arabesque and go right into a roundhouse kick!


  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    <3 James, thank you! hehehe I was really happy how this look came together. It’s really fun to wear too, which is the most important thing. :))

    <3 Grady, awww hun ty so much. I am so in love with these boots, ooh la la.

    <3 Dahlia, your lil comments warm my heart. If trans wasn’t an issue I’d TOTALLY let you borrow my dress! ;))

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