Smooth edges

October 14, 2008

10.14.08 | Three


I’ve had this outfit in my mind for a bit. I got this jacket ages ago, as far as SL time goes, and have been wanted to wear it forever. I was smitten at first glance, but somehow if I like something *a lot* I sometimes hide it away for a while. Psych Anal/ysts, go at it. My SL closet mirrors RL in that I have a bunch of gorgeous things I haven’t been able to pull out and wear because of time/weather/laziness/lack of coordinating shoes…

Of course any stylish girl has her favorites and any that say differently are full of it. That is part of it too, for sure. I’m stuck on this hair right now and loving it, completely a smitten kitten. (another packed away treasure, from hair fair no less…don’t laugh!) I was in such a dark and bloody phase a few weeks ago, now that all the Halloween stuff is here, blond feels right. haha. Clean, pulled back, sleek (but not too sleek, must leave room for a few fly aways), fabulous blond. Fashion is as much a reaction to the current condition/events as it is a personal expression. I wouldn’t say I’m a rebel, but I do get bored. 


10.14.08 | Five


With this outfit I wanted some edge, but without being masculine in any way. Been there, done that last month and it’ll come around again, just not now. Today I was craving a little sass, touches of color, texture…


10.14.08 | Six


I am a stickler for matching metals, I guess I’ll never own a trinity gold ring! ;P Well, it all depends on it’s style and the mood I’m in but..*ahem* oh yes… I modded my boots and belt to match my earrings. I am in a gold/warm metals mood for fall. These earrings are from my new favorite jewelry shop, *UnTone* (see below post as well). For me, good places/things seem to hide themselves in front of my face until the time is right. How I missed this place, right next to *MilcaHolic*, is anyones guess. ?!? Since I’ve been to the awesome *MH* 1,000 times. A funny thing it is. But all is fine, I have my earrings, they are gorgeous and I am happy.


10.14.08 | Four


Speaking of *UnTone* there are some gorgeous head pieces that I am eyeing. Ohhh…I have the perfect dress. I must gush, it’s not spoiling anything if it’s good right? They have some mismatched pairs of earrings too, I love the whole idea of ‘twins’ as Camper shoes has so perfectly presented it. Similar, matching, but individuals in their own right- they are lovely.


10.14.08 | Two


Oh oh oh, be proud of me, this is my first time wearing prim lashes. You’re surprised? Well, I didn’t like how they are static because it looks strange when one blinks. Snow Rabbit does have a special lash/face light/toaster HUD that removes that problem, but SL’s new upgrade created a bug so it’s off the market for a revamp. *le sigh* All that aside, my new skin needed some serious lashes to make up for the lack of liner/smokeyness. I must say the effect is gorgeous! I know, I know…prim lashes rock…big secret…not. But let a girl have her fun! They’re so pretty I’ll even excuse the looong arse time it took to adujst them (much too long) and the whole blinking issue. 

I’m in a chatty mood because I’ve missed y’all <3<3 Glad to be back, mah lil pumpkins. xo


‘La pequena chaqueta’ jacket in yellow by LeeZu Baxter Designs

‘Minden’ camisole #11 by Beauty Avatar

‘classic jeans’ in moss by Zaara

‘Azaghal female teeth belt’ by Husky GFX (modded a lil)

‘Tsubaki earrings’ in gold by *UnTone*

‘bloom boots’ in violet by Maitreya (modded a lil)

‘moscow skin’ in light/4b by Minnu Model Skins (MMS)

‘ribbon hair’ in gold blond by MMS (modded a bit)

One Response to “Smooth edges”

  1. Nicely done! That is a “smit” jacket! :)

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