Gypsy Queen

October 8, 2008

Bohemian Dream


Say the word Bohemian and I get warm tingles up and down my spine. There’s something very magical about the lifestyle, and the fashion that is associated with it. Beautiful fabric prints, lots of flowers, old leather, and a multitude of boots. Sounds a lot like my style actually!

I’ve yet to find many SL stores that make Bohemian clothing, let alone do it well. There are many shops that sell fairy silks, wench outfits, and I’ve seen a few typical gypsy outfits in stores. Though some of these items are close to what I’ve been looking for, none of it is truly authentic. (Even the gypsy outfit, everyone knows real gypsies don’t dress like that!) Most of this clothing is made for the fantasy sims and/or Halloween/costume parties. So I get very excited when I see clothing I can pair with my jeans/boots/coats and wear out in everyday SL living.


The Graduation


The store I think of when I think Bohemian SL is Stitch by Stitch. The owner and artist behind the store, Sevenstar Amat, comes from true gypsy roots and her work is inspired by that of her childhood and the handmade crafts and sewing of her Grandmother. Her clothing is infused with feminine details, beauty and romanticism. I am completely smitten.

Imagine my delight when she kindly provided me with my favorites from her stores, so that I may present them to you. These clothes are so pretty and so fun. And as I always say, fashion should be fun! S by S’s clothing encompasses this idea perfectly.


Roses on her feet


These shoes are a freebie (!!) at Sevenstar’s Tengchong Juicy sim store. (Sorry for the mix up everyone ;)) I suggest you TP there asap and scoop them up, lest you miss them completely. They are gorgeous.


Romance for Autumn


I wouldn’t have considered myself a hat girl until I saw S by S’s Rose beret. It’s a beret covered in roses. (!!)


So I can knit at the drop of a pin


The dressmaker’s hat comes in two colors and it’s details are unbelievable! Knitting needles, bits of ribbons and a thimble poke out of the top and shimmy around when you move. :))


Where the seamstress keeps her pins


I saved my new love for last. It’s hard to choose favorites amongst this grouping, because all of it is so lovely. Though if I had to, I have to say there’s something about this print that makes me completely head over heels. I love the jewel tones, the simple, well-done craft work, the billowy skirt and especially this gorgeous folk style fabric. I would gladly wear this dress while lounging on a pillow swathed in the same fabric, while holding an umbrella made of the same fabric and reading a book covered in this print. I love it that much.


Folk Lore


Do stop by one of Stitch by Stitch’s locations and scoop up some Bohemian Gypsy Loveliness as soon as you can. Clothes like these put an instant smile on a girls face, and you can’t help but skip down the street while whistling to yourself.



*Picture 1

‘violet night’ dress from Stitch by Stitch @
‘real toe ankle belt sandals’ in black from J’s @ (207, 232, 22)
‘diana’ hair in black from Atomic Kitty @ (105, 92, 33)

*Picture 2

‘graduation skirt’ from Stitch by Stitch @
‘Di tube top’ in Dark Red from [Pink] Outfitters @ (80, 37, 43)
‘Foux Fur Fox Stole’ from Chapeau tres Mignon @ (183, 193, 21)
‘pompadour hair’ in purple brown from Shop Seu @ (190, 89, 27)
‘bollywood earrings’ in Silver/Ruby from Yak & Yeti’s @ (69, 192, 58) [freebie!]
‘Viniani’ heels from Armidi @ (137, 127, 25)
‘red golden stars’ nails from Skin e Liciouz @ (137, 18, 24)

*Picture 3

‘special editon shoebox roses’ shoes from Stitch by Stitch @ (38, 76, 21) (165, 124, 24) [available as a freebie at the Tengchong Juicy Sim store]

*Picture 4

‘Rose Beret’ from Stitch by Stitch @ (134, 170, 36)
‘bird shirt’ part of extra white birdy wings set from Yip’s @ (157, 201, 28) [worn throughout]
‘Momento Locket’ from Yummy @ (94, 162, 17) [worn throughout]
‘Okappa’ hair from BP* @ (204, 88, 25) [worn throughout]

*Picture 5

‘dressmaker’s hat’ in anthrazit from Stitch by Stitch @ (134, 170, 36)

*Picture 6

‘dressmaker’s hat’ in rosewood from Stitch by Stitch @ (134, 170, 36)

*Picture 7

‘only you’ dress from Stitch by Stitch @
‘real toe tassele wedge sandals’ from J’s @ (207, 232, 22)
‘amikomi chignon’ hair from BP* @ (204, 88, 25)

[worn throughout]
‘Lyla’ skin from Redgrave @ (214, 206, 22) [My favorite ever since Faiye <3 took me there, this skin looks amazing on every face shape. Seriously.]
‘Chestnut eyes’ from E’s @ (97, 225, 70) [Not ‘real’ looking but beautiful, soft, clear and great for photos- or anytime really. If you go to this shop, you automatically are giving a blue pair of these eyes! go go go ;))]

3 Responses to “Gypsy Queen”

  1. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    Oh I love the ‘needles’ one. LOVE! *steals* ^^

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Aww hehe! That is exactly how I feel about the items on your blog. Please steal away xD <3

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