Bloom in Autumn

October 7, 2008

Flower Power

Tis wayyy past my bedtime, I am being so bad! ;P I took these photos because I realized I didn’t have a wordpress profile picture. Had to fix that.

Night Flower

This dress is so darned gorgeous I couldn’t resist writing about it. How could I? It’s amazing x a ba-gillion.

In Bloom

It’s creator is Eshi Otawara and I must confess that everything she makes turns me into a big puddle. Slipping on one of her haute couture creations is wearing an art masterpiece. She pays a great deal of attention to detail, and that delights me. I also own one of her tux gowns, in Gold, which is equally stunning. (see here.)


This dress, called “Hibiscus Dream”, comes with three different body suits. I am wearing the painted one in these photos. There are also petal and leaf patterns. Each is beautiful and gives the dress a new twist.

For now, all my love goes to this dress. Surprisingly fitting with this Paper Couture hair, yes? I am enjoying the whole impossibly-glamours-yet-inspired-by-nature theme.

Knobbed Knees

Last time I checked she had some freebies in the store too. They might still be there, I’d book it to the store asap if I were you. They’re suppose to be super secret but I can give you a hint or two, to get you started. One is worn around your neck, the other is a pair worn on your legs. Easy enough right?


Easy as falling in love with this dress. <3 at first sight.


“Hibiscus Dream by Eshi Otawara” from Chambre du chocolat @ (227, 180, 26)

‘Birds and Wildflowers’ Powdered Wig from Paper Couture @ (59, 66, 28)

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