Don’t wear these around Mom

October 6, 2008

Miss Luvah

Ladies! A few words for y’all: Booty Shorts on sale! L$25! Until tomorrow!

I love these, they are hot and sexy and a bit trashy. And that makes me laugh. :D

They are made by AyYaiYai @ (110, 99, 143) and, in honor of A.Y.Y.’s sweet new store remodel, the owner Kailiana Anatra has put both versions up for sale @ L$25 until tomorrow. Sweet joy! Both versions come in a bunch of denim colors as well as black and white. At this price you can scoop up all your favorite colors! The new version also comes with some nice beat up wear marks on the ass. 


o hai

Her skins are also on sale for the sweet deal price of L$50! Take the teleport elevator upstairs and check them out. (It’s in the very front of the store, btw. Click the button.) She has some cool, colorful and avant garde makeups and the price is right. Play play play!

Smokey Eyes

While you’re there check out the super cute Retromatic dress, also L$25. It reminds me of something Missoni would put out and that makes me smile. I didn’t get a picture of it yet, but I will.

There is also some $$ camping in the store as well as 3 lucky chairs! I won the cool ‘Randomize’ pant package #2 and there are some cute prints in there that I’ll post about soon.

Hurry, sale ends soon!


‘Booty Shorts #2’ in 6 from AyYaiYai @ (110, 99, 143)

‘Pale 8’ Skin from AyYaiYai @ (110, 99, 143) [3rd pic]

‘Wrap Top’ in Black from REDGRAVE (214,206, 22)

‘Tall Boot’ in Black Croc from Stiletto Moody @ (38, 45, 35)

‘Ania’ hair in Brown Caramel Blend from Damselfly Hair Salon @ (143, 232, 28) [1st pic]

‘Charlotte’ hair in Ash from Little Heaven @ (140, 154, 23) [2nd pic]

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