Mix it up!

October 4, 2008

Mix it up!

The Kyoot Army top from the last post was too cute to pass on a little mixing. This outfit is cute and a bit tomboy. Very comfy. My boots are adorable, but I’m thinking I want to put a mod size script in them to make them fit my feet better. If that’s even possible..? I’m a fashion writer people! You tell me! :D

When you buy a good piece, experiment with it. I think it’s easy to wear something one way all the time. The beauty is in the odd coupling, for me at least. I love that ‘ah-ha’ moment of discovery when you pair something and it works. I think, for this top, I’ll try to glam it up next.


‘Snake Charmer’ shirt from Kyoot Army @ (190, 223, 21)

‘Half Pants 08’ & ‘Spiked Bracelet’ from edge grafica @ (79, 33, 106)

‘Engineer Boots’ from [0N] ZERO NUMBER @ (229, 47, 40)

Black Nails from J’s Shoes @ [FREE!]

‘Septum Pincher’ Piercing in Black from The Body Politik @  (130, 70, 48)

‘Quiet Seduction’ in Raven from Sky Everett Designs @ (39, 62, 39)

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