Hi October

October 4, 2008


O fall, how you sneak up on a girl! Well that’s okay, I forgive you. Because I like the weather, and also because I love to layer and you give me good excuses to do just that. This DP*yumyum coat is very yum yum. I love the pattern/embroidery on the front, the toggle closures, the warm hood. Paired with simple things it does wonders on it’s own. Sometimes it’s good to pile on the statement pieces, but for now, here, I like this jacket as the focal point. And it holds it’s own so beautifully.

ps. The lovely & talented Morgana is doing a sweet photo project called ‘Lagoon’ over at flickr. Yours truly volunteered to be a part of it, how could I resist? Take a look and send a message her way if you’re interested in participating. http://flickr.com/photos/morganahilra/2911841214/


‘hood jacket’ in rose from DP*yumyum @ (109, 147, 26)

‘fisher leggings’ in white from Fishy Strawberry @ (182, 171, 22)

‘Rouen’ denim mini #05 & ‘Minden’ camisole #08 from Beauty Avatar @ (127, 157, 24)

‘J’ hair in black from Kurotsubaki @ (240, 66, 601)

‘Posh Leather Boots’ in black from Pixel Mode @ (173, 79, 47)

‘forest green’ contacts from Nomine @ (142, 131, 306)

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