Because I love you

September 19, 2008

 Marie Antoinette Reincarnated

I gots my hair done.

I’ve been sim hopping like crazy lately (lol, always) and have found some delightful places. Most are fashion related, some are so good you and I both will delight in their existence. Even perhaps, if they do not bring us new shoes.

I adore walking through and discovering new shops in the many amazing Japanese sims out there. I consistently run into more cute and creative stuff, on top of even more cute and gorgeous things. Is it something in the water?

I remember a while back, seeing this cool, writhing monster plant at Vooner and I adored it. The more you clicked the larger and more ferocious it grew. Click click click…curiously, I didn’t explore who the creator was but I ran smack dab into it today. You can get your own monster plant from MEPHISTO @ (145, 55, 22). Along with that they have some pretty cool gadgets and novelties worth checking out. (Plus a good load of freebies.) A few of my favorite: portable particle locker room for changing, when underground just won’t cut it (say, in a multi-level building); dissolving slide show (someday I will have my own boutique and when that happens I’m gluing one to my shop’s wall); monster flower congratulatory bouquet (when roses don’t say quiet enough); and the cockroach bazooka (an easy way to tell an ex to go back to hell). Some pretty cool avatars are here too.


A favorite sim of mine is TriColore @ (227, 41, 38), maker’s of my two photo studios and loads of cute shoes and hair. If you’re looking to explore fashion photography in SL or just like to take snappy pics to send your lover, this is the place to buy your studio. I dare you to find a better one for me. If you do, I’ll cook you dinner and scrub your floor, naked. 

Along with TriColore’s own shop, there are a few nice clothing and skin shops in this sim as well as the neighboring one, Tequila. I bought the sexy ‘Twice’ top in gold from BoA Creations @ (33, 162, 33), I assume they call it the twice top because men will look you over only to whip their head’s round again for a second look. It’s hot. I will be wearing it to my new favorite club, Club Vanqul @ (133, 126, 128). My girls and I love to get out of the house and shake it and believe me when I say this club is sexy. If you like the 5th Element or any other classier modern dance clubs out there, you’ll have to check this one out. The owner and head DJ manjivanqul Roff designed the entire inside to be sleek, sexy and fun. As you make your way through the entrance, passing the swank lounge, you descend enough stairs to make you feel you’re going some place special. And it’s true. I love the little, funny touches manjivanqul put throughout the club. While you’re there, slip away to the bathroom with your special one for a little private time. Just don’t open door #2, I warned you.

The last place I wanted to tell you about in the TriColore sim is ReL Design @ (185, 27, 34). I just bought a gorgeous skybox from them even though: a) I already have a great one and b) I’ll have to seriously shift some sims to fit it at my home. I couldn’t resist though, it’s the perfect small size, with warm wood textures and a clean design. Perfect for my photo studio or, if you’re so inclined, a sexy and private getaway in the sky. No nosey neighbors to bother you at 600m high! Mile high club, anyone?


I wanted to take a little time to give a shout out to the girls at Free*Style. I am a complete devotee. I love their blog and they do an amazing job! If any of you girls are reading this- love ya! Keep it up, I’m eating up every word. ;))

Pale Moonlight

Halloween can mean dressing up in general, not just costumes, although it’s fun.

The first of many Halloween links, I came across a cool, small and well done avatar shop through the aforementioned MEPHISTO. The store is called furumachi @ (95, 29, 22) and they have some really well done lions, feral creatures and (FREE) halloween decorations. Honestly, I love dressing up but for Goodness’ sake people- in SL and RL- ditch the cheesy, badly done costumes. If being a dirty pirate or a sexy nurse is your fantasy role this Halloween, by all means, right on. All I ask is you do it all out. You will feel more fulfilled and have a better time if you look smashing. And you’re less likely to tuck that costume away forever…or the photos that come along with dressing up.

You have it, flaunt it this Halloween. A friendly message brought to you by your neighbor, Abra Exonar.


Outfit links especially for my girl Espresso Eismann, who requested them. <3 ya. Go visit her Flickr photos, you will like them.

Photo #1: (Mostly) All items are from the amazing, amazing shop, Paper Couture, Tableau location @ (59, 66, 28): Spring ’08 Light Skin; Rosette Gown; Tight Shoes in black; Birds & Wildflowers Powdered Wig; French White-Pink nails from  Love Magic @ (128, 128, 500)

Photo #2: ‘Silk Gypsy’ gown @ Paper Couture, Tableau location @ (59, 66, 28); ‘Una’ hair in black from Bewitched @ (128, 151, 27)

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