Goodness in your cereal bowl

September 13, 2008

Very Superstitious

Hi gems, you are the sparkle of my eye!

First off, some lovely items especially for all those new avatars out there. In the basement of the très chic Alta Moda (98, 48, 23) main store is a free shop dedicated to all our newcomers. For both men and women, there are skins, hair, clothing, all for the incredibly affordable price of L$0. If LL’s default clothing and skins have got you down, head on over for a makeover!

For all of us out there willing to flash some cash, Alta Moda also offers some gorgeous apparel. I am dreaming of wearing the super-sexy cleavage bearing ‘Delinquent Celebrity (L$150) in black, with my Damselfly Ania hair in Brown Caramel Blend, and some thigh-high black leather boots. Rawr.

Owner Kristen Pick has plans for an Alta Moda men’s line. Right now, the ‘Meanyhead’ shirts (L$100) are available and I think they’re sexy. A t-shirt with a layered black shirt built in, it saves you a layer so you can pile on more. I like the smoking gun design. The headphones are cool as well.


* Outfit Pictured above: White Neko Avatar from Curious Kitties (200, 214, 21); Black Neko ears and White Long Hair Neko tail from Atomic Kitty @ (107, 93, 35); ‘Black Cat’ dress from Draconic Kiss @ (210, 121, 25); Viniani heels in black from Armidi Gisaci @ (137, 127, 25)

* Damselfly Ania hair can be found @ 143, 232, 28

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