Contrast makes good style

September 13, 2008

Sexy Doily Dress

I love a little contrast in my outfits. Whether that means sharp hair with a feminine dress.

Bloody Gothic Dolly

Or a cutesy pie look stained in blood.

 Little Goth Tomboy

I like a little danger in my clothes. A comfy cardigan is a great wardrobe staple. If you throw in some tomboy shorts and spiked boots, maybe a little blood, suddenly your basic cardigan feels a bit exciting!

party girl 

A little sex, a little sweetness. Contrast gives things a good balance.

Ghost in Blue

Contrast can make a person see things in a whole different light. Take this dress for example. It’s perfectly wonderful in a goth sort of way, but look here, it can be worn very sweetly with a tan and pigtails.

Maybe you’re a bored with your outfits. Same old, same old you feel. We’ve all been there! Sometimes all it takes is a ‘trigger piece’ to make your wardrobe new again. Maybe that means a new skin or a new hair, maybe shoes. Sometimes all it means is playing with your clothes and pairing unlikely pieces together. A lacy gown with a leather bomber jacket and boots, perhaps? Or jeans with your sexiest, most feminine corset? Yes and yes. 

Playing with style is so fun, and contrast makes it all the more interesting!


1) ”Allure’ dress in Nude from Mimikri hot couture @ (189, 204, 22); Okappa’ hair from BP @ (204, 88, 25); Viniani heels in black from Armidi Gisaci @ (137, 127, 25)

2) “Velvet Onepiece’ (blood version), ‘injury’ arm bandage & ‘Damage’ socks from Kurotsubaki at S.I.C49 @ (16, 161, 28); ‘Cross’ heels from Little Heaven @ (140, 154, 23); ‘micky dango’ hair from BP @ (204, 88, 25); ‘Rosary’ in black from Basilica Cardinale Cathedral @ (110, 125, 582); ‘Holy Book’ from Primitive Design @ (213, 129, 24)

3) ‘Knit Cardigan’ in grey from BP @ (204, 88, 25), ‘Damage’ half pants from Kurotsubaki at S.I.C49 @ (16, 161, 28); ‘Ragamuffin’ spiked boots from Polish Up! @ (94, 100, 21); blood from Little Heaven @ (140, 154, 23); ‘Egoist’ hair in blue ash from Modern 69 @ (49, 183, 511)

4) ‘Dot’ dress in black from Little Heaven @ (140, 154, 23), shoes come as part of the deal

5) ‘Ghostfire’ dress in blue by Katat0nik @ (115, 113, 23) available from free*style @ (226, 159, 22) ; ‘lulu’ black heels from Shiny Things @ (164, 177, 37)

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