Alice in Wonderland

September 13, 2008

Alice Two

“Good things come in 3’s, yes?” Well it started off as three and quickly branched out from there…

Alice Three

Like many good girls, Alice in Wonderland has been a favorite inspiration of mine throughout the years. Many things come and go, but the enchantment of Wonderland stays.

Alice One

So what better to have in my collection, but multiple Alice dresses? From me to you, my personal opinion of the matter is that a girl can never have too many dresses, hairdos or shoes. But that is just between you and me. =(^_^)=

Alice Goes Black

There is even one that all the gothic girls will love. How cute is this?!?

The Madhatter Strikes Again

If we’re talking Alice, who could leave out the tea? And with tea will always come the Mad Hatter.

My favorite part of the tea party in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is the little mouse, who gets worked up over cats and needs jam rubbed on his little nose to calm him down. He is adorable.


Last but certainly not least, I absolutely had to throw together a Cheshire Cat look for this roundup. How could I not? I absolutely adore him! I’m especially happy with how this turned out, since it’s a no rhyme or reason mash-up of some of my favorite things.

Keep your dreams alive everyone! Dreams are the sunshine that lights the world and makes things grow! =(^_^)=


from top to bottom:

1. ‘Alice’ dress by Katat0nik @ (115, 113, 23)

2. ‘Alice’ dress by Edelweiss @ (220, 70, 29)

3. ‘Alice’ dress by Rabbit*Kiss @  (23, 182, 26)

4. ‘Crown Alice’ set from Feather @  (69, 213, 22)

5. ‘Mad Hatter’ dress & beaded mules from Nonko @  (109, 114, 26)

6. Cheshire Cat is a mash-up of: the ‘Borders’ jacket, pink ‘Neko’ ears & black ‘Neko’ paws from Little Heaven @ (140, 154, 23); Schadenfreude’s striped pants and socks @ (39, 50, 24); Nonko’s ‘fruit mules’ @ (109, 114, 26); Paper Couture’s ‘ Desire’ sunglasses *tinted yellow* @ (59, 66, 28); Atomic Kitty’s dark pink ‘catnip mouse’ and black kitty tail @ (107, 93, 35); BP’s ‘tripl ice dango’ hair *a favorite of mine* @ (204, 88, 25); and a shirt that I cannot locate right now! (Will post when I do.)

* ‘Cindy’ pigtails in ash from Little Heaven @ (115, 68, 22)

* ‘Una’ up-do in blond from Bewitched @ (128, 151, 27)

* ‘lulu’ black heels from Shiny Things @ (164, 177, 37) [in photos #1 & #2]

* ‘White Rabbit’ from HPMD @ (178, 160, 25)

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